Online Programming Classes: How To Understand Java And Python

Being a computer science enthusiast, and having fully grasped the potential of the digital revolution, which gave birth, as you know, to the third and then the fourth industrial revolution, will sooner or later lead you to deal with perhaps the most important and fascinating aspect of this field: the science of programming.

However much you may have delved into and studied the elements of computer science at school, as soon as you are confronted with the world of programming, gaming, in-depth knowledge of the web, and the creation and subsequent management of the infamous applications, you will almost always find yourself in dire straits.

In a nutshell: if, as is likely, your computer knowledge is limited to the use of the Windows system, if you really want to turn your passion into a profession, you need to take specific online programming classes: that is, you need to learn how to use the most widely used languages for creating on the web by taking, to start with, Java online classes and Python online classes.

Java and Python: study them both

You must therefore first understand these two programming languages, which are the most widely used and popular: Java was born first and is more widespread than the latter, which is nevertheless growing rapidly.

They are considered by many to be competing, almost adversaries; in the writer’s opinion it is useful to know them both, because while it is true that they are often overlapping, in many cases they complement each other,both.

By taking online Java classes and online Python classes, you will also learn to master the web so if you really want to excel in the field of programming you will have to learn them , to make the digital revolution your own, by learning how to program, through a tutor who will always be a programmer himself, and therefore a professional; in fact, the experts in this field who offer to give online programming lessons are always good programmers.

Among other things, you will have to understand why you want to learn Java and Python, whether and why you want to dedicate yourself to gaming, or develop business applications of very different types, etc. Beware: you will find many offers on the net, including virtual classrooms in which you can be followed as a class by a teacher who monitors your results; you will even find free offers with which to approach this passion of yours.

Well, don’t waste your time. Programming languages such as Java and Python (and others) are difficult to learn, and there is no point in knowing them superficially: you must learn to master them in the true sense of the word, otherwise it is time wasted. And the only way that will make this possible for you, difficult but certainly not impossible, is to find a tutor suited to your needs, to your character, who is dedicated exclusively to you.

In this sense, only the offer of online programming lessons, from platforms specialized in the field such as Eminent Studies, will allow you to specialize in a field that will open up job prospects that you cannot even imagine.

Java classes and Python classes: which one to start with

This question will be your starting point and, as the programmer that I am, I have no doubt in advising you to start with the first: I will explain why and how to approach this type of study.

  • Java was born earlier, it is more widespread, it originated, just to give an example, android and many other languages;
  • it is a much more structured language, with more stringent rules than Python; Java gives you ‘syntax’, which Python practically does not have: if you start with the latter you would get used to writing without ‘syntax’;
  • Java is much more difficult: once you learn it, Python you will learn it in two days;
  • Java is very similar to C#, another very popular language: again, if you know Java, it will take you a short time to learn C#.

Obviously, as preliminary advice, I invite you to study Java first, and never at the same time as other languages: one thing at a time.

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