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EminentStudies Online High School tutoring provides over 250 courses that cover Core Graduation requirements, World languages, Advanced Placement (AP), Career and Technical Education (CTE), Music, and a wide variety of electives.

Core Courses

The base of our program involves the required academic core courses that all high school students are expected to complete: math, science, English, and social studies. Within each category, we offer many choices that include honors-level and Advanced Placement courses. Incoming freshmen begin with our award-winning Ninth-Grade English, Part 1 (ENGL 041).

health & fitness

Our popular high school health and physical fitness courses educate youth about how to take responsibility for their physical health and make choices that will lead to a lifetime of greater joy and accomplishment. HLTH-041 fulfills required high school health credit, while electives such as our newly revised Bowling (BOWL 041) and Walking Fitness (WALK 041) satisfy PE requirements.

career & technical education

Whether you are interested in computer science, entrepreneurship, or health sciences, our more than 50 CTE courses—aligned across the 16 national career pathways—can help you lay a foundation for career success. Abundant research also indicates that students who take CTE courses are more likely to pursue postsecondary education.

advance placement

High school students may earn university credit by taking and passing Advanced Placement (AP) exams that are offered on a variety of topics. If you are interested in making high school efforts count double in college, then AP courses may be for you. Our challenging AP courses thoroughly prepare advanced students for success on AP exams such as Calculus, Statistics, Physics, World History, Psychology, Spanish etc .

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Eminent Studies is an online educational company that provides academic help to the students through one on one live sessions. We match the student’s learning style with the compatible teacher having same teaching style. K-12 Online tutoring, Tutoring Special children, Lectures on College courses, Language learning, homework help, assignment help, test preparations, parental support —we do it all! Our aim is to provide the best educational support and enhance the learning capabilities of the Students/Children,to provide excellent tutoring to the students at their flexible timings and anywhere through online medium.. Our Parenting support program is dedicated to helping parents of school-age children take the stress out of parenting and put the fun back in. We are “Helping families to create healthy, positive and fun relationships with one another is immensely satisfying.” Through our Porter Diagnostic Learning Assessment Process we recognize the natural learning style of the students or the children as well as skill sets (Cognitive, Physical & Emotional). Based upon this information our teachers modulate lesson plans & teaching techniques to empower the child to learn faster & quicker. All of our teachers & mentors are trained & certified in the porter process.

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