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1) Reading Comprehension Section

In this section, the candidate will be required to read 3-5 passages and answer 12-14 questions on each passage. The section is scored based on the number of correct reading comprehension responses.
Question type: 3–4 passages, 10 questions each
Total no. of questions: About 40
Total time: 54-72 minutes

2) Listening Section

In this section, you will hear short conversations as well as long conversations. After the short conversation, you will be asked one question and multiple choices of answers will be given. You have to choose one answer. In long conversations, you will be asked multiple questions based on the conversation.

Question type

a) 3–4 lectures (3-5 minutes long, about 500-800 words), 6 questions each; About 30
questions in total
b) 2–3 conversations (about 3 minutes long, about 12-25 exchanges), 5 questions each; About 12 questions in total
Total no. of questions: 40+
Total time: 41–57 minutes

3) Speaking Section

For you to earn the highest scores in the Speaking Section, your responses must fulfil the demands of the task given with only minor mistakes or lapses. The test graders are looking for a highly intelligible and sustained conversation. There are three main factors that comprise scoring for the section.
Speaking Questions covered in TOEFL Syllabus:
a) 1 independent task (prep time: 15 sec; response time: 45 sec)
b) 3 integrated tasks – Read/Listen/Speak (prep time: 30 sec; response time: 60 sec)
Total no. of questions: 4
Total time: 17 minutes

4) Writing Section

The essay should effectively address a topic. The response should be well-organized and well-developed using relevant explanations and detailed support. Furthermore, it should also display unity, progression, and coherence. If you want to achieve a high writing score, make sure that you demonstrate syntactic variety and appropriate word choice with minor grammatical errors.
Writing Questions Covered in TOEFL Syllabus:
a) 1 integrated task – Read/Listen/Write (20 minutes) (reading time: 3 min; Listening
time: 2 min; writing: 15 min)
b) 1 independent task (30 minutes)
Total no. of questions: 2
Total time: 50 minutes

  • 24 sessions per month.
  • Sample questions & practice test.
  • In session practice and preparation.
  • Student completes pre-assessment in different modules in demo session.
  • Provide materials for all modules.
  • Discussing bands and revision.
  • Final assessment and improvement review.
  • Career Counseling & Personality Development.
  • Advance Courses
  • Step Education System

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